The Great Little Brands philosophy

Read about the Great Little Brands philosophy

The Great Little Brands team may be a diverse bunch of people who work part-time as a virtual agency alongside their other roles and activities in life, but what we offer is special.

We are all committed to providing cost-effective, high quality professional services for very small businesses. Access to professional brand and marketing input is fundamental in achieving strong business performance and growth. No-one has resources to waste so focusing on what is important and where your advantages lie is very valuable.

We believe that the smallest and newest businesses all benefit from understanding what it is that makes them unique and building on that to create a strong presence in the market. The playing field has never been so level. Advances in web-based technologies make reaching a global market, offering exceptional levels of service and building enduring profitable relationships with customers is more possible than it has ever been – especially for small businesses.

By carefully selecting the best website components (or building our own where necessary) we are able to provide professional, reliable websites for small businesses which are packed with features. We believe this is the best way of providing cost-effective web-solutions to the smallest and newest of businesses.

By working as a virtual agency we can keep things flexible and keep costs down. We collaborate on a project by project basis and when we are not helping businesses identify their brands, create a logo or build a wonderful new website we are working on other projects and other businesses which, we think, adds real depth of experience to what we each bring to Great Little Brands.


The Team

Read about the Great Little Brands team

Louise Copeland

I created Great Little Brands because I love businesses – especially small ones because they:

  • offer a huge range of challenges and experiences
  • empower the people who run them
  • change lives.
  • keep our communities vibrant
  • provide opportunities for work and development that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

And I love brands – they are a fascinating and powerful combination of factors which sit at the heart of a business and affect every aspect of it from the obvious such as marketing communications to the not so obvious – such as customer service and product development. It is what makes a business unique. It’s the big plan as much as the attention to detail and it makes a huge difference to how a business performs.

I was a brand manager in the rail industry and managed operations at thetrainline.com before I moved to Scotland, had a family and set up a small business providing self-catering holidays which you can see at www.brooklinnmill.co.uk. I found I used many of the skills I’d learnt in big businesses when I was setting up my very small one and I realised I could use these skills to help other small businesses whether they are just getting started or growing into successful enterprises.

When I am not helping to build brands, creating websites, or cleaning the holiday let I like being outdoors with my family enjoying the walking, cycling and skiing which we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep.

I work with a small team of like-minded experts which enables us to provide brand and marketing consultancy, web development, management and hosting and graphic design for clients. Each of us brings something unique to the team and we all have a wealth of life and business experience too.


Blair Millen

Blair provides specialist technical input when required – helping to customise themes or create custom plug-ins where we can’t find one off the shelf to meet our clients needs. When he isn’t working on websites Blair is out enjoying the wonderful Scottish countryside.


Dan Champion

Dan has been building websites since 1995 and has a lot of experience working with businesses and organisations large and small. He has worked with household names like Orange, Sky and MoneySupermarket.com. And has worked with many of the Councils in Scotland, charitable and support organisations. He has experience of working in a variety of technology platforms and has built his own price comparison software for Mooch Marketing a company he has with his brother which can be seen in action at www.toyco.co.uk. He has also built sites for Brooklinn Mill Holidays and for Great Little Brands.

When Dan is not working on websites he can be found on his small holding which he runs with his wife. They share their adventures and expertise on their website the accidental smallholder.


Stewart Graham

We are lucky enough to have the significant design talents of Stewart. He trained at the prestigious Falmouth school of Art and Design where he studied Graphic Information Design. He has always been something of a designer and publisher – starting his career producing computer game art even before leaving school. Over the last 25 years Stewart has helped shape the look of many games including “Grand Theft Auto”, “Micro Machines” and many other famous names including “Doctor Who”, “Tom and Jerry” and “Moshi Monsters”.


Stewart has used his graphic design, illustration and user interaction experience knowledge to help find solutions for various clients including the BBC, Nintendo, Microsoft, Channel 4 and Electronic Arts. Using 2d illustration, graphic design, 3d modelling, texturing and animation, Stewart can produce a simple logo, business stationery or a whole new visual identity for a wide variety of businesses and applications.


Aside from Stewart’s love of design and yes, computer games, he enjoys the outdoors too.