The Care and Wellbeing Co-op

The Care and Wellbeing Co-op was created by a group of care professionals to find new ways of providing social care in rural Perthshire. They came to Great Little Brands for a range of services including:

Building a brand: The group recognised the opportunity they had with a new organisation to build a brand from scratch. We had a learning session with the founding members to help them identify their brand values, and worked with them to reflect these in their logo and website.

Logo design: We created a logo which reflected the rural and nurturing ethos of the Care and Wellbeing Co-op.

FinalA-02 Members of the Co-op were keen to emphasise their connection with nature and non-corporate approach, so the device has an ambiguous design which could be a nut or seed within its shell, a pair of cradling hands or an angel.



Website: Creating a website which also reflected the values of the organisation was important. We chose the Maisha theme for its rich visual appearance and non-corporate feel. It was also important that the theme chosen offered high levels of accessibility for users. We used the new top level domains to give them a memorable domain name: