The flower

Throughout the site you will notice the presence of our very lovely, very purple orchid. The choice of this image is not an accident, or just because it is a great colour. I chose it because it symbolises so much of what I believe about small businesses. (more…)

In praise of small

Great Little Brands is all about small businesses (although we love big ones too!). The real beauty of small business are that they can make a huge difference to us as individuals, the communities we live and work in and the economy as a whole.   (more…)

Why we build sites with WordPress

There are many routes to creating a website: from DIY site builders which are often free at the outset to a bespoke site crafted just for your business or organisation. Each has its own pros and cons and very different costs. We have chosen to build with WordPress for our own businesses (more…)

Why brands matter

For many people a brand is a logo – a graphic device used to identify the company and its products or services. What we mean at Great Little Brands when we talk about brands are the values at the heart of your business. Being clear about these can make the difference between success and failure. […]