Why we build sites with WordPress

There are many routes to creating a website: from DIY site builders which are often free at the outset to a bespoke site crafted just for your business or organisation. Each has its own pros and cons and very different costs. We have chosen to build with WordPress for our own businesses and many of our clients because of its cost-effectiveness, ease of use and wide range of themes and plug-ins.

In our humble opinion this is some of what makes WordPress special:

Amazing functionality at cost-effective rates. We have found all kinds of plug-ins to help clients meet particular needs on their sites, from emailing customers when a product comes back into stock to producing uniquely numbered coupons for sales promotions. Each at roughly the cost of an hour or two developer time per year.

A development team of millions. WordPress’s open-source code means that anyone (even you  if you wanted to) can build themes and plug-ins for WordPress because the coding that makes it work is made available to everyone – a bit like Android code for phones and tablets. This means that collectively we have a development team of literally millions. Not only does this mean that it is likely someone else will already have created a plug-in to meet a need you have, but those millions of pairs of developer eyes help to keep WordPress code safe and secure.

User friendly content management. WordPress’s blogging origins has given it a very user friendly content management environment meaning that even the non-technical, like me, can get to grips with the day-to-day management of their sites.  Just like when you get a new phone, it takes a bit of time to get used to, but it is all there for you if you want to do it for yourself. If not, we are very happy to provide content management services!

The result is that we can deliver professional solutions at a fraction of the cost of some other options. We think this is a great solution for small businesses as it allows you to spend your money where it really matters: on generating good quality original content, getting great product shots  or getting a fantastic logo designed.

Our coding ability also means that we can adapt, customise or develop our own WordPress solutions when we need to.