Brand and marketing consultancy services

At Great Little Brands we firmly believe in the power of a brand led approach to business. And we don’t just mean a new logo and a lick of paint either! We understand that for small businesses this might seem a bit of a luxury, but it works for the most successful businesses out there and they didn’t start off big….To help you get to the heart of what your brand is we can offer a number of consultancy services:

Identifying your brand

Sometimes making the time to stand back from your business and thinking about your brand can seem a bit of a luxury and frankly not as important as pressing on with your financial plan or getting your business cards printed. But it is key to determining the success of your business.

By working with you we can help you identify what it is your business does and how it does it – this is really important as it is the essence of what makes your business different to your competitors. Businesses are all about people so what you bring to your business really matters. It might be a great sense of fun, reliability, creativity, flexibility or a strong sense of order….any of these things will have a big impact on a business and help define the way it does things – its values or culture.

Brand development workshops are an excellent way for you and your team (if you have one) to identify these principles. They typically last for half to a full day depending on requirements.


Business planning

Getting the ideas down on paper is one thing, but deciding which ones you are going to do and when and whether it is likely to be successful is quite another. We know that planning is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is important to do (a bit like eating your greens) and it needn’t be a chore, but an exciting step on the way to business success.


Project planning

We can help you to think through a marketing or business project which you need to undertake – it might be designing a new logo, developing a new product or service or finding businesses to partner with. Getting it clear what it is you want to achieve, why and how will make a huge difference to the success of your project. Getting it down clearly in a format which can be shared with others (a brief) is just as important. We have lots of experience from both the client and the specialist perspective to help you do this. We also have a lot of project management experience should you want us to help manage particular aspects of project delivery.