Web site design & development

We know that there are lots of options for getting a website – ranging from the “free” options to custom build. Each have their merits and downsides. We provide professional, cost effective websites by using WordPress based solutions.  We carefully choose WordPress themes and plug-ins to work with which provide:

  • Very cost effective solutions – as WordPress is open source code (ie it is available to everyone – even you  if you wanted to build something in it!) it means there are literally millions of developers across the world developing and making available their WordPress templates and plug-ins. We all benefit from this and it means costs are kept down, making excellent websites affordable even for the smallest businesses.


  • We only pick reliable, well-support WordPress themes and plug-ins to deliver professional, easy to use and robust websites. We ensure you have lots of options for features such as galleries to display work, e-commerce solutions complete with customer accounts and excellent reporting, blogs & posts, social media integration and newsletter sign-up.


  • Lots of plug-ins (modules) such as gift vouchers, email when back in stock which would otherwise cost a lot to develop. Offering you an even wider range of functionality.


  • Highly customisable sites – giving you the options to style the site the way you want it.


  • We have the expertise and experience to create our own custom built wordpress-based solutions where necessary.


  • Exceptional levels of support and guidance both before, during and post development.


  • Excellent on-line client support with our dedicated support site


Where WordPress is not the solution, we also have the skills to design, build and implement bespoke solutions.